Top 5 Dump Carts for residential and commercial usage for Under $200

When we’re putting together our content for our site, we think about the whole picture. And that doesn’t merely include taking a look at the tractors themselves. There’s a whole load of other things that come with the package, and we know you care about these types of things too. We know you’re also after garden tractor accessories. That’s why we look a little outside the box. That’s why today we’re looking at dump truck carts and which ones can push your finances that little bit further. Today we’re taking a look at the best dump carts available for under $200.

What is a Dump Cart?

Dump Cart

A dump cart is an accessory for the back of your tractor that you can use to carry objects across a distance. The great thing about one of these products is that you don’t need to card a wheelbarrow yourself (and get to avoid the hard work!) and you can also transport bigger, heavier loads with each trek because you have more power behind the wheel than you do in your arms (no matter how strong you are). It’s a great accessory to have around the home if you’re big on outdoor DIY or gardening.

What are the Best Uses for a Dump Truck?

Uses of Dump Truck

As mentioned above, the best use it to carry heavy loads across property. Firewood, heavy-duty waste of even gravel and filler are made light work of through the use of hard dump carts. If you consider how much it is to either hire lifting gear or additional help, a dump cart comes in handy as a happy medium and a cheaper, long-term option. Dump trucks are easy to use and even easier to attach onto your tractor from the rear.

What Are The Key Brands in the Market?

Whether or not they fit your price-range it’s great to know what the best brands are within a particular niche. Suffice to say most tractor manufacturers produce garden tractor dump carts, so the prime brands are easily noticeable. CAT, HITACHI and Kenworth all product high quality, reliable products but prices do vary. You’re more than likely to find something worth buying but it may not be within the price-range you’re looking into. They will may also be tailored to fit their own brand of tractor, which won’t always fit with your own.

What to Look Out for in a Truck

Dump Truck

The biggest variable other than price within the market is without doubt size. The amount of room that the truck offers you and whether this suits your needs. If you’re going to use it on an industrial scale, you’ll need a more hardcore, heavy-duty piece of kit, whereas for gardening use – for example – a smaller scale size may suit your needs. Identify what it will be used for, then go from there. Whether you want this for mobile use or to attach to a garden tractor is another variable to look out for.

Top 5 Dump Truck Carts for residential and commercial usage

Agri-Fab 10cu Steel Cart

Agri-Fab 10cu Steel Cart
This cart fits in our price range perfectly, coming in at a reasonable $99, a really great price. The black coloured cart here has a universal trailer attachment which allows simple and easy connection to any tractor, ideal for beginners who are otherwise unsure of parts. In terms of weight, this cart holds a decent and competitive 350lbs worth of goods in the trunk and the heavyweight material it’s made from (steel framework with scratch-resistant paint) means it’s got the guts for wear and tear around the worksite. Damage to your new trailer will be a thing of the past.

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As well as the above, the backend quick-release door is really easy to use, simply pulling on the easy lever and the door fires free. Advertised as perfect for dirt, gravel, sand and muck, this piece of kit is great for smaller, household jobs but would also hold up – weight-wise, at least – some larger, tougher jobs.

For the price of the cart, it’s a really ‘get what you pay for’ piece of kit. Impressive, but possibly doesn’t hold up if you’re a heavy-duty user or planning some larger projects. Around the garden though, this is a real steal.

Brinly-Hardy 650 lb. 10 cu. ft. Tow-Behind Poly Utility Cart

Brinly-Hardy 650 lb. 10 cu. ft. Tow-Behind Poly Utility Cart
Compared to the cart above, this is a slightly different prospect – in pricing at least. Here, we’ve added something that takes us towards the top end of the price scale, coming in at $179.00 for the Brinly-Hardy 650lb kit. For a starter for ten, you can tell this is a more heavy-weight version of the above, as it carries a lot more weight in the cart. The material it’s made from – polypropylene – also means it won’t dent or rust during use, a real great feature that can’t be said for other products. Ideal if you live somewhere with poor weather or a lack of space to leave your cart.

The two year warranty that comes with this product is a great fallback in case anything goes wrong from a manufacturing fault point of view, whilst the cart has the ability to add dividers to the trunk, allowing you to keep different loads separate from each other, especially ideal for recycling.

The hands-free foot pedal allows you even easier release of loads, which proves this a purchase for all levels of needs, no matter your strength. A little pricier than the product above, this piece does have important extra features to boot.

John Deere 450 lb. 7 cu. ft. Tow-Behind Poly Utility Cart

John Deere 450 lb. 7 cu. ft. Tow-Behind Poly Utility Cart
The biggest name amongst this list is tractor and outdoor manufacturer John Deere. Famous for it’s green and yellow image, it’s a big name in the gardeners market, and this is reflected in the price: $199. Smaller in carry weight than the Brinly-Hardy product, you’re more than likely paying for the brand name. There are still, however, some really good features to the cart.

Firstly the weight that it carries is 450lbs, a solid weight for garden removals. The tyres are perfect for garden work too, with turf tread traction for perfect maneuverability around the workspace with ease no matter what the weight of the truck is.

As is common with these carts, there is a easy-release latch for easy to dispense help, whilst the steel frame really helps keep the trunk steady and strong when the weight gets heavier, As for extra features to go with the price, I can’t help but feel quite disappointed. The lack of warranty on this product is concerning, but John Deere is known for quality. All in all, a decent buy if not a slightly high price.

Agri-Fab 8 cu. ft. 350 lb. Poly Convertible Cart

Agri-Fab 8 cu. ft. 350 lb. Poly Convertible Cart
The second cart on the list by Agri-Fab is a completely different style that we’ve had with the previous 3 entries. The difference is in just how you can use this piece of equipment: by hand or by tractor, which gives it a better mobility and easier use in smaller, tighter spaces.

The price is a decent one, falling right in the middle of our other options, and whilst the load weight is the same as the previous Agri-Fab option – which is near $100 cheaper – is durability and flexibility of the cart is much better.

In addition to the 3 year warranty, which is a great bonus, you also get larger, more durable wheels which will help in rubbly terrain. The universal tow-bar means this product works on any tractor.

Agri-Fab 9 cu. ft. Steel Dump Cart

Agri-Fab 9 cu. ft. Steel Dump Cart
Another Agri-Fab for the collection, but this time a different price bracket and a different style. This version – made to last with a corrosion resistant finish – is a different shape to others on this list. A box style with a hand-release mechanism, this cart only holds 250lbs of weight, which is the smallest of the range we’ve looked at today, whilst the high boxed in walls help keep the material you’re carrying inside the cart.

The pricing is good at $99.00, keeping well within our limit and the removable tailgate makes putting in and removing waste really simple. This isn’t the greatest product you’re going to find, but the price could be just right if you’re only looking to use it for smaller jobs.

Hopefully our reviews have given you a good chance to take a look at some garden dump truck carts. We’ve chosen a few different styles and price ranges, and honestly there’s some great choice out there without needing to spend the Earth. Make sure you know what you need the cart for, as the last thing you need is to fall short on space or weight. If your budget stretches, it’s worth getting the John Deere product for reputation alone, but Agri-Fab have shown that you don’t need to reach the limit of your budget to get a good deal.

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