Riding Lawn Mower Attachments & Garden Tractor Accessories – How to choose the best parts for the job?

Garden Tractor Attachments
Choosing the right tools for the job, regardless of what task you’re looking to complete, is guaranteed to make your job much easier. The 80/20 rule – spend 80% of your time sharpening your axe, and 20% of your time chopping down the tree – is a rule to go by. If you can spend the majority of your time correctly preparing and choosing the right tool, it can make the following 20% of the job fly by. Or at least go quicker. But what does this have to do with lawn mower attachments? Good question.

Gone are the days when lawn mowers were a one job wonder. Today, the lawn mower attachments that you can buy on the market off you a whole load of different services and options which mean a lot of the jobs you’re doing will become much simpler to complete. Even with this as the case, the quality from the mower itself never wanes. Riding lawn mower attachments are to compliment the job you’re already doing, not take away from it. Deciding the perfect tool for the job is the most important thing. So how do you do this?

Deciding the perfect attachment is really about deciding the job and working from there. There are plenty of helpful pieces of equipment that would work wonders for one person, but to someone else they will fall by the wayside. Make sure you know what you want to do before spending money buying the equipment. That makes the most sense.

Below are some pieces of equipment that might be able to help you on your way to gardening mecca:

Leaf Sweepers

Leaf Sweeper Mower Attachment
As the summer months come to a close and you’re getting ready to best prepare your garden for the winter, leaves will start falling from the trees around and your garden will begin to get – visually at least – a little messy. These riding mower attachments are ideal for making quick work of clearing up the leaves getting in your way. Attach this to the back of your tractor and it sweeps up leaves, garden debris and more. These simply attach to the rear of your equipment and allow them to do your bidding.


Trailers Mower Attachment
Here is the 101 of lawn tractor attachments – the ride-on trailer. This is a simple attachment that allows your to transport lawn equipment or materials around your garden at ease. This is great for the regular gardener, moving things around often or someone who may be getting a little older and unable to move things about as they would want. These trailers come in different sizes and materials, but the most popular are made from protected steel for complete damage protection. You can buy these at a vast range of prices. A low base coupled with an easily retractable basin and often quick-release means that you have no need to worry about pulling, pushing and moving around materials.


Sprayers Mower Attachment
Attaching a sprayer to the back of your lawn tractor allows you to widely distribute any kind of lawn improvement spray in no time at all, benefitting you and your garden. Traditionally, you would need to take a spray canister or watering can and manually pour the spray – usually unevenly – across your lawn. With this sprayer attachment, this is no longer a problem. The lawn sprayer, that comes as a large cannister on the back of a towing pole, gives you a great opportunity to spray water, weed killer or fertiliser across your lawn. The disparity in pricing comes from the amount of litres of water the canister can hold, whilst I would advise that anyone looking to use one of these pieces of equipment purchase something a little smaller on their initial run. If you could try something out first, this would also be advantageous.

Front-Mounted Blade

Front-Mounted Blade Mower Attachment
Rear-ended accessories are very common, but less common are front-mounted lawn tractor attachments. This front-mounted blade is perfect for shovelling up dirt, and even handier for taking up snow on a snowy day. Of course, using this type of tool is very much dependant on where you live and how often you have snow in your area of the world. Not dissimilar to the front-end scoop, which is the same but is shaped so that you can hold material in there, the shovel is more for creating piles of material than collecting it on-mower. These come in quite pricey, but they are really relevant if you live somewhere rural and regularly need to clear a path either in your home, on your garden or in the road.

The Best Parts for the Job

There are a lot of garden tractor attachments that come in handy regardless of the terrain around you. Maintaining a tidy outdoor property requires certain criteria – firstly, external factors such as weather, but they also require you as the owner to clear snow or dirt quickly as not to kill the grass, treat with weed-killer or even cleaning up the area during the winter months in preparation for a good spring/summer season.

How Should You Choose?

There’s no better way to choose than to head out there and take a look for yourself. Do any of the above garden tractor attachments take your fancy? Lots of overhanging trees will mean you’ll get a lot of use from the leaf sweeper. We’ve given you some ideas but it’s up to you to identify to metaphorical obstacles in the way of your perfect lawn.

It’s always worth knowing your budget, too. A lot of this equipment costs a lot, but you’re often left with no choice but to purchase, especially if you live in the country or your income depends on your outdoor area. Riding mower attachments are sometimes essential, and it’s well worth being ready when the time arises to use them.

We hope you’ve found our introduction helpful. Make sure you check back for further information on best lawn mower practice.

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