How To Get The Perfect Lawn – The Best Lawn Striping Accessories and Techniques To Manage Your Garden Like a Pro!

Lawn Striping
We all want the perfect lawn. It is the holy grail of home life and it can be the difference between impressing family and friends and never letting them in your back garden again. Finding ways to help your garden and lawn grow into the best it can do can be hard, there’s no doubting that, but at the same time, you don’t need to go it alone. There’s plenty of help out there, if you just know where to look. And that’s where we’re coming in. We want to help you help yourself, by giving you the best tips to manage your garden like a pro.

What Lawn Striping Accessories Do You Need?

The only real accessories you need for lawn striping is a lawn striping kit. A lot of people ask how to do lawn striping. Well, you’re in the right place. Lawn striping is the process of making your garden of patch of land unique by adding different patterns and styles to the grass. This works by using a type of blade that brushes over your grass, pinning it in a certain direction. Once you’ve done this, you can essentially create any kind of lawn striping techniques you like, because the lawn is your oyster.

Techniques – How To Do Lawn Striping

There are a few common techniques to shape your lawn in certain designs. These are:


Lawn Striping Standard style
Standard lawn stripes are ‘forward/backwards’ – what this means is essentially using your lawn striping tools to create two contrasting styles all the way down your lawn; forward and backward. For example, you start off with the accessory on the mower. Going from left to right, you mow the lawn in a straight line. Move your mower so that the next line starts where the other ended, and then mow from right to left. Continue this pattern all the way down the garden.

Square Style

Lawn Striping Square Style
This style is the same as the standard above, with the exception that once you have completed the stripes one way, you also follow this on by taking the same pattern from the bottom end of your lawn, length ways. This means you will have striped your lawn length and width ways, to create a pattern that resembles a chess board. This is called the square style.


Lawn Striping Diagonal Style
This is slightly more complex in look, but not in actual technique. It is literally the same idea as the square style, with the exception that you start at the corner of each side of the garden. The technique different here because you need to be careful in each corner to stripe correctly.

Bends and Curves

Lawn Striping Bend Style
As I said a little earlier, you can literally have any style you like, and some styles have curves. Doing this is easier than other styles, but requires more precision to do. You need to make sure the edges you’re creating one side are reflected in the opposite side, or that they actually look straight and professional from the perspective of how you want it to look. This is a good way to design a stripe if you’re managing a sports field or semi-pro team. Just make sure your technique is on point!

Top Tips For Lawn Striping

Get An Easy Striper

checkmate lawn striper
Make sure you get a simple and easy to use striper. A model such as the checkmate lawn striper is ideal, something that is almost as self-explanatory as it is easy to use. If you’re a beginner, you need to be able to approach the job with easiness in mind.

Keep Your Lawn in Top Shape

It may seem like an obvious tip, and I suppose it is to someone who is a lawn-pro, but keeping your grass green and soft are two of the things that are going to make striping easier and looking better, too.

Start Off Easy

With your first go, your best lawn striping techniques are going to involve going in straight lines. Regardless of how ambitious you are with your striping, you will never master the big stuff if you can even go in a straight line. Be the student before you can become the master.

Managing Your Garden – What Else?

Well, you’ve learnt the basics of how to get the perfect lawn stripes, but you need more than some decent lawn striping accessories to get you the perfect garden. For starter for 10, you need to take care of everything there. Maybe assign jobs to certain people in the household. The grass is but one part of your garden. What about the trees, the plants or the hedges? The soil needs feeding too, and that’s before you think about putting beautiful flowers in place. Making sure everything gets the right amount of water (you can overfeed grass), and the best amount of sunlight (especially if you have overhanging trees) is paramount in importance. So make sure you take in all of the environment around your garden.

The more you cut your grass, the quicker it will grow. And the quicker it will grow in the summer too, so make sure you’re cutting the grass when the time is right. Rain and dew will last longer in grass that hasn’t been cut, so keep the grass shorter for drier grass. You want it to be green, but you also want to be able to spend time out there without safety concerns.

If you can take in some of the tips we’ve given above, you will be well on your way to managing your garden well and making it look totally pro when striping it. There’s nothing better than looking on and seeing some fantastic views and patterns and knowing that you have done that yourself. So take heed, work hard and most of all: good luck!

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